Photo Exhibition of Nicolas Landemard

Cultural Center named after Ibrahim Abilov
Photo Exhibition of Nicolas Landemard

Description of the event

Nicolas Landemard will open the festival with a photo exhibition presenting three different series of his photographic work:


  1. Migration and Theatre: I have worked on several occasions on migration topics. During a workshop, I discovered the work and project of Image Aigue. I was impressed. This kind of projects  give another look at migrants. Migration is a complex question, however let us not forget that the whole History of this planet is based on migration, whatever wallbuilders could think of it.
  2. The EU District - Blue Ribbon: Everybody living in Brussels knows the European District. Brussels is the capital of Belgium and became the capital of Europe. The European district is considered as one of the main areas of the city and it is always in all guidebooks: for some, it is a total urban disaster, a place to avoid, but for others, it is a must see place in any visit to Brussels. Regardless of what you might think, the European district is the core center of power in Europe and for this, it is a very interesting sight. Personnaly I have always been fascinated with this kind of vast areas full of symbols (political, economical, cultural…). Here you have the perfect example of an area totally integrated in the urban landscape of Brussels and nonetheless totally excluded of it, that’s where fascination comes from.
  3. Politics in the EU: As a press photographer in Brussels, it is almost obvious to cover all the « events » of the European Institutions (Parliament, Council or Commission). Before arriving in Brussels, i was not covering political meetings in Paris or elsewhere, nonetheless i paid attention to photographers who where specialists in that field and i was really admiring their work. I guess my student years as a Historian and Political Scientist would have naturally led me to do that at some point. And i don’t regret it. For whoever is interested in European issues, covering these events is really fascinating. Of course it involves a lot of protocol. The EU summits sometimes look like a theater rehearsal. The EU is not perfect,  but if we step back for a moment, it is still the best political project we have since World War II. You'll discover how theater can help with migration, how the EU district in Brussels is as complex as the idea of Europe itself and how is the life of photographers working at the European Institutions providing you pictures you find every day in press.

Short Biography

Nicolas Landemard is a photographer based in Brussels. He is a member of the press agency Le Pictorium. He is working where his photographic interest leads him (migrations, handicaps, urban landscapes, social fields...). Born in France but raised in Africa, after studying History and Political Sciences, he decided to embrace the carrier of photographer. First as a studio assistant and quickly began his own professional career. Nowadays he is working either with the press or with the corporate and business industries.

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