Matthieu Haag - “L'Orphelinat” - Film Screening & Debate with movie director

Nizami Cinema Center
Matthieu Haag - “L'Orphelinat” - Film Screening & Debate with movie director

Description of the event

Screening of the movie "L'Orphelinat" and debate with the French movie director Matthieu Haag. After the screening you will have the opportunity to meet Matthieu directly and discuss about his movie.


Grandson of a Slovakian immigrant who came to France on foot, I don’t feel at home anywhere. Whilst wandering in Vietnam I met Monsieur Vu Tiên, a foster father to many, who entrusted me with his life-story even though I could not speak his language. There started a journey of discovery about my place as a man and as a father through encounters and revelations.

Short biography

Matthieu Haag discovered the cinema belatedly, buying a camera in the year 2000 and trying to understand the world. He traveled all over the world to make his movies, in Lebanon, Mali and for his new documentary in Vietnam. He likes to use the best media for each story: sometimes the sound for a radio report about hitchhiking in Germany and Austria, sometimes the photography for an exhibition on gypsies from Slovakia, sometimes a camera when pictures and sound are needed. A few days a month, he also teaches movies in High School Cinema Ciné-Sup in France.