It is usual for any person to change, grow, and develop throughout life. And artists are no exception, and perhaps even the most striking example. After all, painters are constantly in search of their style, novelty, and ways of self-expression. Therefore, often their early and late works are very different from each other. 

Compare the first and last paintings of 7 famous European artists.

1. Leonardo da Vinci

The painting named "Annunciation" was created by young Leonardo da Vinci in 1472-1475 in the workshop of Verrocchio, being his student. 

The last picture of the master "John the Baptist" was created in 1514-1516. At that time, the artist lived in the Belvedere - the Apostolic Palace of the Pope. After completing the painting, 2 years before his death in 1519 the painter's right hand ceased to function normally and it became difficult for him to move.

2. Raphael

Raphael's father was a court painter and poet of the Duke of Urbinsky, so the boy received the first artist experience in the parent's workshop. His earliest work is the fresco "Madonna and Child". Now it is stored in the house-museum of Raphael in the Italian city of Urbino. 

The master worked on the painting named "Transfiguration" until his death in 1520. Raphael created it by the order of the future pope for the Cathedral of Saints Just and Pastor in Narbonne.

3. Michelangelo

The painting "The Torment of St. Anthony" was recognized as the creation of Michelangelo only in 2008. At the time of its creation, the artist was only 12 or 13 years old. Now it is stored in the Texas Art Museum. 

The fresco in the Vatican's Apostolic Palace “Crucifixion of St. Peter” is one of the last completed works of Michelangelo. Many historians consider it the pinnacle of the artist.

4. Francisco Goya

The depiction of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary on the wooden door of the church of San Juan el Real in the Spanish city of Calatayud is attributed to the young Francisco Goya. 

The last work of the artist was "Thrush from Bordeaux", created in France.

5. Eugene Delacroix

"Rook Dante" is the first significant painting by Eugene Delacroix. The canvas depicts the plot of the "Divine Comedy" by Dante. 

The last picture of Delacroix “Ovid among the Scythians” was painted in 1859 and has remained almost unnoticed by the public.

6. Pablo Picasso

Picasso began to paint from the very childhood and received his first lessons from his father, a painting teacher. He painted his first serious oil painting called "Picador" at the age of 8. 

The artist’s last pictorial work was "Lying Naked and Head", created in 1973.

7. Salvador Dali

“Landscape near Figueres” is the artist’s earliest work that has come down to us. Dali created it on a postcard when he was only 6 years old. 

The last picture of Dali - "Dovetail" - was painted in 1983 in the castle of Pubol 6 years before the death of the artist himself.