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European Mobility Week 2018 - mix and move

The European Commission launched for the 17th time EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK, its flagship campaign that runs from 16 – 22 September annually, with the aim to improve quality of life by promoting clean mobility and sustainable urban transport. Over 2,400 towns and cities from 50 countries will hold events to mark this year’s celebration, giving people the opportunity to explore the role of mobility in their daily lives and to experiment with clean transport modes. EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK culminates in the trademark car-free day. More info here: http://mobilityweek.eu/press-releases...

This is Germany

This is Germany. From the rough Alps to the beaches of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. With its baroque bavarian monasteries, beer gardens and mountain huts and the half timbered houses in its romantic towns. Majestic gothic cathedrals, renaissance styled operas and mighty skyscrapers shape this land as well as the Rhein river with its medieval castles. The palaces and historical monuments give Germany its soul. The modern Autobahnen, airports and economical hubs assure the strength and prosperity of this country in the heart of Europe. Germany is tradition and modernism in one, Germany is an old nation that has been shaped by its people for over a thousand years and will continue its way to a bright future in accordance, friendship and respect to its neighbours and the world. Germany is my fatherland and the country that gives me my unique identity. We have dark and bright years in our history and yet we arose from ruins after every conflict and kept our place among the first nations on this world. Germany is more than a piece of land. Germany is an idea, a spirit created by generations of people. Germany is a flame, and every German is one spark and part of a greater community.

This is Europa: The European Civilization

Behold the greatest civilization of all time. The essence of humanity. Nothing will ever compare.

Call for Entries - 2019 European Heritage Awards / Europa Nostra Awards

The Call for Entries for the 2019 European Heritage Awards / Europa Nostra Awards is now open! Apply now: http://www.europeanheritageawards.eu Deadline: 15 November 2018

Our European heritage

Throughout 2018, we will celebrate our diverse cultural heritage across Europe - at EU, national, regional and local level. Access to and sharing of Cultural Heritage must be improved by research and innovation. More information: https://ec.europa.eu/info/events/innovation-and-cultural-heritage-2018-mar-20_en


Valletta will be the European Capital of Culture in 2018. Find out how Malta's fascinating walled capital city is preparing itself for this major cultural happening by visiting the official V18 website http://www.valletta2018.org

Young people in South Caucasus receive training on the future of migration

Young people from Azerbaijan and Georgia met leading international migration experts from top European intuitions for an intensive training course to develop skills that will help shape the South Caucasus region’s migration policies in future. More information about the training can by visiting: https://www.icmpd.org/news-centre/new...

Claudia Zecchin- the student of the Ca' Foscari University tells about her internship in Baku

6 students from the Challange School of Ca' Foscary University of Venice passed the internship in Baku, Azerbaijan. They did their internship at United Cultures - the company where is situated the Baku Office of Ca Foscari University. United Cultures helped them to get to know the business enviroment of Azerbaijan, how to open SME and cultural features of Azerbaijan

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