Workshop with movie director Robert Rombout

Azerbaijan State University of Culture & Arts
Workshop with movie director Robert Rombout

Description of the event

The central element of this seminar will be the position of the director in documentary. On the one hand he’s the servant, the technician, the professional; on the other hand, the author, the responsible, storyteller, the captain, the one who signs the work. In order to take a position, a point of view he might sometimes use his voice.

“The Voice” of the Director

One of the most under-estimated parameters of the language of documentary is the voice of the director. Long time it’s been a nearly exclusively expression-form of the journalist. Often the voice was illustrated with images, a kind of “visual” radio. In order to be “the captain” of a documentary he will talk about the two main ideas: Writing and directing for documentary.

Short biography

Rob Rombout (Amsterdam, 1953) has lived and worked in Brussels since 1975. Teacher at St. Lukas, Brussels film & art school. He is co-founder and executive of the Doc-Nomads international Master. He has been an independent documentary-maker for over 35 years.  All his films were shown on television and festivals. He is a course-director at SKDA Hanoi, lecturer at AUT & ALBA Beirut and ESTC in Lisbon.  He gives workshops in Brazil, China, Russia & France.