Latvia - “Mērija’s Journey” - Film Screening and Debate

Cinema Plus, Khamsa Park, hall 4
Latvia - “Mērija’s Journey” - Film Screening and Debate

Description of the event

Screening of the movie "Mērija’s Journey" and debate with the Latvian movie director Kristine Želve. After the screening you will have the opportunity to meet Kristine directly and discuss about her movie.


In 1944, 35-year-old Mērija Grīnberga was the only volunteer from the Latvian Museum of History staff who accompanied the museum values that the retreating Nazi Army was taking out of Latvia by train. And she fulfilled her duty to the end by bringing them back to Riga after the war. However, instead of gratitude she faced repressions and suspicion from the Soviet authorities all her life. The documentary Mary’s Journey, written and directed by Kristīnes Želve, is based on authentic diaries by Mērija Grīnberga Senior from the collection of the Museum of History of Riga and Navigation. She reveals the history of Latvia through the destiny of her large family. The attempts to destroy Latvia’s statehood were executed through the destruction of the intellectual elite, culture, art, historic memory and national heritage of the Latvian people. Only thanks to people like Mērija, the vital core of the Latvian culture has been preserved. Film is shoot in Latvia and Czech Republic.

Short biography

Film director and writer Kristīne Želve was born in 1970. She has studied film directing and cultural management at the Academy of Culture of Latvia. She has been hosting a TV show about culture at the Latvian Public Television for 10 years, has directed a number of documentaries and many TV documentary films. Her documentary “Musica Serena. Composer Pēteris Vasks” (2016) was selected for the competition shortlist of the International Television Festival Golden Prague. Her latest and most acclaimed film, docudrama “Mērija’s Journey” (2018) has been nominated for Latvian National Film Award in 6 categories and received FIPRESCI and two special mention prizes.