Finland - “The Violin Player” - Film Screening and Debate

Cinema Plus, Khamsa Park, hall 4
Finland - “The Violin Player” - Film Screening and Debate

Description of the event

Screening of the movie "The Violin Player" and debate with the Finnish movie director Paavo Westerberg. After the screening you will have the opportunity to meet Paavo directly and discuss about his movie.


A celebrated violin player, Karin, has to end her stellar career after a car accident makes her fingers stop working their magic. She starts teaching students who are twenty years younger than her, only to find herself falling in love with Antti, one of her students. They are not an easy match, both being passionate about the music and overly ambitious about their careers. The Violin Player is a romantic drama about giving up on your dreams and letting your ambitions lead you.

Short biography

Paavo Westerberg is an award-winning screenwriter, playwright, theatre and film director and actor. Westerberg has worked as a screenwriter for the feature films Princess, Frozen City and Frozen Land, as well as for the television drama Fragments. Paavo Westerberg has won the Jussi Award for the Best Script in 2007 and in 2006 for the films Frozen City and Frozen Land. Westerberg also wrote and directed the television drama Latent Heat, which was nominated for the Prix Italia Award. Westerberg is a resident playwright at the Finnish National Theatre and he has written and directed almost 20 plays.