Europe Day - Concert of Magda Mendes

Nizami Cinema Center
Europe Day - Concert of Magda Mendes

Description of the event

The Europe Day Concert will be held with the participation of Portuguese singer Magda Mendes accompanied by 3 musicians. Local wind ensemble will play with them and present to the audience the combination of 2 different music genres.  The music of Oliveiras is a collection of songs written together with composer/arranger Ward Veenstra. The songs give a voice to stories of the forgotten Portuguese countryside where Mendes´s father has his olive trees. Magda Mendes sees Oliveiras as the soundtrack that perfectly fits these stories, a musical translation of this unique world that is threatened by the many forest fires of recent years. Stories about how the roots of the olive trees turn out to be her roots and how they constantly call her. Special for the Imagine Euro Tolerance Festival Magda Mendes trio (voice, guitar and percussion) will be joined by a woodwind quintet from Baku.


Short biography

Magda Mendes, born and raised in Lisbon, has been living in the Netherlands for more than a decade. Since 2006 she has been touring with band Luzazul and has released three albums under her how name. In the last couple of years she toured with her program ‘Silêncio! The Fado wanders through…’ through all the corners of Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Den Haag and Utrecht, reaching a large audience in The Netherlands. Portuguese singer/songwriter Magda Mendes is the winner of the Gouden Notekraker 2018, the Dutch Music Industry prize from SENA for professional musicians. With this prize musicians honour each other for the most inspiring artistic performances of the past season.