El Amir Concert: “From East to West”

The Landmark Rotunda Jazz Club
El Amir Concert: “From East to West”

Description of the event

A unique concert with an innovative concept. A journey for all the senses. The total fusion of Mediterranean music, the cradle of the culture that begins in the East and ends in the West. A journey through ancestral sounds and emotions. El Amir leads the audience through a variety of different music styles exposing his large musical influences. Arabic electric oud, Turkish saz, Greek bouzouki, flamenco guitar and electric guitar come together on stage to blend traditional art with modern elements. With looping- and effect pedals he creates many sound layers and plays on top of them. Emotions and sound-atmospheres are shaped wisely and carefully into musical landscapes reflecting the evolution of the Mediterranean culture. Music turns into a universal language.

Short biography

El Amir is the great promoter and a driving force of the music with Mediterranean and Flamenco emotion. He is a multi-ethnic musician, a multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger, musical director, producer and maestro. In nowadays flamenco scene, he is considered to be one of the best concert guitarists due to his virtuosity, personality, unique sound and own style. He is currently touring as the guitar soloist of the renowned Hollywood film composer Hans Zimmer and has collaborated with artists such as Marcus, Miller, Stanley Clark, Lisa Gerrard and many others. El Amir is one of the most versatile musicians in this world.