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Screening of Steppe man (2012)

2019/01/23 / 152

Title: “Steppe Man” (2012) 80 min
Original title: “Çölçü”
Country: Azerbaijan
Director: Shamil Aliyev
Genre: Drama

Synopsis: One steppe man is living far from the cities closely communicating with the nature. His father teaches him all wisdom of the steppe live. After his father he met with the young women who came from the village. Meeting with her is a new page in his life and a huge step into the big and unfamiliar life ahead…

Director’s biography: Shamil Aliyev was born on June 26 1960 in Baku, Azerbaijan. After graduating from Azerbaijan State Institute of Culture in
1989, he had worked as film director in “Azerbaijanfilm” state- owned movie studio. His first feature film “Confession” was shot independently.
As director he further worked on various national TV channels. Mr. Aliyev was an author and director of several projects on TV. Among them, “Film Media”, “Cinematography”, “Classicists and contemporaries” dedicated to such cinematographers as Alfred Hitchcock, K. Zanussi, Andrei Tarkovski and others.In 1999 he shot his short fiction film “Occasional Meeting” (35mm). He is also a founder and director of NURFILM Producer Center.

Writer: Vidadi Hasanov
Cast: Bagruz Vagifoghlu, Salome Demuria, Vidadi Gasanov, Javidan Mammadova
Azerbaijani language / English subtitles