European Travel Skills: Eating and Drinking

One of the great joys of travel is eating. Restaurants filled with locals are where you'll find high quality and good value. Order your meal with a spirit of adventure, seeking out seasonal and regional specialties. Markets and shops offer culinary delights as well. Think of cuisine as sightseeing for your palate. Bon appetit!

How Does the EU Protect Women's Rights?

The EU does a whole lot for the rights of women and minorities. YEM UK gives a brief look at what the Union is doing to combat some of the biggest challenges facing women in both the public and private spheres.

Understanding viral online content and social media’s influence

Why do certain social media posts go viral, while others don’t? The European Science-Media Hub gathered experts to debate the influence of online messaging, and published its findings in a report.

#EUArchives - the European Commission History: 1986 – 2000

History of European Comission

Şərq Tərəfdaşlığı çərçivəsində Kiçik Sahibkarlar üçün Dəstək Proqramı

Şərq Tərəfdaşlığı çərçivəsində Kiçik Sahibkarlar üçün Dəstək Proqramı vasitəsilə böyük işlərə imza atmışıq.

Avropa Azərbaycan Üçün, Avropa Sənin Üçün

Avropa İttifaqının Azərbaycan Nümayəndəliyi və Üzv Dövlətlərin Səfirlikləri bütün Mingəçevir və ətraf rayon sakinlərini “Avropa Sənin Üçün” proqramına dəvət edir. 21 may saat 16:00-da hamınızı Səməd Vurğun meydanında gözləyəcəyik. Giriş pulsuzdur.

A Day in the Life of Lucija in Croatia

Lucija, 10, future engineering student, is building a sandcastle on a beach on the island of Krk. She’s getting ready to play a witty trick to her grandfather Vlado. #EUandMe

A Day in the Life of Irina in Bulgaria

Irina, 30, works in a start-up at the Sofia Tech Park. On her way to work, she meets a hitchhiker who seems to be lost …in translation. #EUandMe

A Day in the Life of Julie in Belgium

It is a sunny day in Brussels. A sound of an alarm clock wakes up Julie, a young Belgian entrepreneur. However, as she tries to stop the clock from ringing, accidentally she breaks it. Well, that does not stop her from being happy and excited. She smiles even wider as she gets the reminder from her computer: “Victor is coming today!” Let us follow her to work, at an EU-cofinanced FabLab, and then to the airport, to finally meet Victor. #EUandMe

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