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Training for Judges on Asylum Protection

2018/02/26 / 0

The EU-funded “Support to the Implementation of the Mobility Partnership with Azerbaijan (MOBILAZE)” project, implemented in the framework of the Mobility Partnership signed between the EU and Azerbaijan aims to provide a solid ground and real opportunities for direct exchange between countries – signatories of the Mobility Partnership in order to foster responsible migration management.

The objective of the MOBILAZE project is to support the implementation of the Mobility Partnership by strengthening the capacity of the government to develop and implement their national migration policy. The project also aims to improve the monitoring, analytical and forecasting capacities of the government of Azerbaijan in the field of migration; to strengthen the capacities in the fields of labour migration, document security, and implementation of the national asylum policy and sustainable reintegration of returned Azerbaijani nationals. Raising public awareness about mobility matters between the EU and Azerbaijan is another expected result of the project.

ICMPD in cooperation with UNHCR organizes a two-day capacity building training for judges of the courts of the Republic of Azerbaijan on 27-28 February 2017 in Baku, Azerbaijan under the Component 4 (related to Improvement of the asylum decision making procedure) of the above mentioned EU-funded MOBILAZE project. The judges of the Baku Administrative-Economic Court no 1 and no 2, Baku Court of Appeal and Supreme Court of the Republic of Azerbaijan will take part in the training on asylum protection. The aim of the training is to enhance the knowledge and capacity of judges and practitioners in the legal framework of International Refugee Law, the non-refoulement principle, procedural guarantees for asylum seekers during the court procedure, examination of inclusion cases, burden of proof, credibility and assessment of evidence. The training will start at 09:30 at the hotel Hyatt Regency Baku, Baku ballroom.

Representatives of mass media are invited to the event (interpretation from English to Azerbaijani and vice-versa will be provided) opening session. The agenda and the project info note are enclosed.